“Digital growth takes your business to its full potential”


Fredrik Alstierna - CEO Alite International

Solutions to increase your digital revenues

Alite International is a knowledge and solutions company offering digital services to large industrial companies. We provide solutions based on your current proposition to the market, and thereby adding to and reinventing your digital revenues.

Our team of highly skilled professionals has a background in international business at executive level. Our understanding of both technology and business dynamics, enables us to both make your IT operations more effective and improve related processes. We help you deliver higher business value – faster and at a lower cost. In a word: we deliver digital growth.

”It is extremely important for companies to fully comprehend digitalisation.”

Vlatko Kotevski

Digitalisation is everywhere – and so are we

With an ever-increasing influence of digital technology, more and more companies face the challenge of competing on a global market. Country borders are much less relevant than they used to be. To benefit fully from this development Alite International has from Day 1 been a truly international player, with a fluid and flexible organisation. As a result we have quickly expanded to having offices in several countries across Europe, and customers in many more.


”Our consultants have led companies themselves. We deliver solutions that have been proven effective in real life.”

Jonas Nilsson


At the forefront of Digital development

Alite International puts great effort into staying in step with the latest development. In an extremely fast-moving tech landscape, it is key to always keep an eye on the horizon. By quickly picking up and incorporating new technologies into our solutions, we can stay flexible and innovative. Since every new customer has unique needs and challenges, it is vital to not get stuck in one way of doing things. We make sure we always have the means to tailor the right solution.

Alite International is expanding

With a rapidly growing workload and new customers, Alite International is currently recruiting employees for a range of positions, mainly for our operations in Denmark and Sweden. Are you part of our future? Apply now.


Press contact

For media and press related matters, please email press@alite-international.com.