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What to consider in the increasingly digital environment

Some companies may feel that digital transformation does not apply to their business. However, the whole world is changing.

By Fredrik Alstierna

Connecting kitchens – recipe cards gone viral

Boasting your own special recipes have been the hallmark of home cooks since home cooking took place in caves.

By Pontus Börresen

Helping integration through software development

Language barriers are always a hindrance when it comes to making new connections between people – whether in society in general, or in a digital setting.

By Pontus Börresen

Key success strategies for making PIM work

The benefits of PIM are clear but there are some key factors to consider in order to harvest the potential of the new PIM system.

By Dennie Ovenberger

Enterprise PIM is a fundament in digital transformation

Digital Transformation takes place whether you want it or not. Enterprises that actively embrace the change stand far better prospects of success than those that wait.

By Dennie Ovenberger

New and digital, the path to flawless business

Nederman was looking for a new, more digital way of interacting with their partners.

Digital approach brings Swedish flooring to the world

As Kährs Group was entering a new digital phase the company needed improved web sites, PIM and related systems.

Traditional publishing business app-tastic

A shrinking demand for printed recipe card collections and the growth of social media made International Masters Publishers, IMP, seek for a digital solution.