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Connecting kitchens – recipe cards gone viral

Boasting your own special recipes have been the hallmark of home cooks since home cooking took place in caves.

For a long time, printed recipe cards was the modern way to codify and exchange food experiences. Not so anymore. The networking between home cooks is alive and well – only, it’s quickly shifting to take place online. Through digitalisation, a social network for home cooking is growing fast, and is more accessible, to more people, than ever before.

My Great Recipes, a recipe concept that has existed in the US for decades, is a good example of how a fading traditional market can be revitalised through a well-planned but essentially straightforward digitalisation of the product offer.

Behind My Great Recipes stands IMP, or International Masters Publishing, a company focused on creating and marketing products within the areas of recipes and cookery, home and hobbies, entertainment and education. Since 1972, they have published high quality collections for the home and family on more than 30 markets worldwide.

With the rise of Internet and social media, IMP experienced a rapidly declining demand for the printed recipe cards. This development made the company re-evaluate their strategy, and eventually took take the decision to make digital media their main platform – all in order to meet and attract a partly new target group.

Built on a digital platform, IMP launched their new, web-based product in late 2015. It was well received from the start, and its app was even picked up by the New York Times in a segment recommending it in time for last year’s Thanksgiving. A year later, My Great Recipes has more that 100 000 active app users. While the kitchen remains a very hands-on place, it’s role as a digital realm is clearly growing.

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