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Context Marketing is the Next Step in the Evolution

It’s 2017 and we can finally agree that Content Marketing is vital for the success of every digital marketing strategy.

It’s 2017 and we can finally agree that Content Marketing is vital for the success of every digital marketing strategy. We believe that the world is ready to move on to the next step in the evolution – bringing context into you content strategy.

Creating amazing content is very important for lead generation, however if that content is delivered to a user that is not interested, or in the wrong time, or even if you send the same content to users that are in different stages of the customer lifecycle – it’s all for nothing. Context Marketing is here to solve that problem. The name says it all, it means bringing context to the story you are telling your customers. This helps create a larger picture around your product or service, giving clarity to content that otherwise would be unspecific and uninteresting. Summed up in one sentence, Context Marketing means delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

However, it easier said than done. Behind successful context marketing lay several layers of different applications that work together to deliver a unique personalized experience to each customer. The Sitecore Experience Platform managed to find a way to treat millions of customers like they are one-in-a-million. Their innovative solution combines numerous technologies in order to deliver content to customers in context to how they interacted with the brand previously, and thus creating a truly personalized experience. By knowing where your customers are, what devices they are using, and what they are looking for enables you to deliver highly tailored messages with a single purpose: creating a lifetime-long customer relationship.

Sitecore’s bottom-up approach ensures highly efficient and effective execution of context marketing. It starts by integrating with other systems your organization is using such as: commerce servers, DBMS, CRM, ERP etc. Having the data input from these source gives the platform a starting point from where we can move to the second layer, a practically unlimited database – Sitecore Experience Database. This database uses the latest NoSQL technology to support highly flexible record structures and high volumes of data. By collecting every bit of data from every customer interaction on every channel, and integrating the data from external systems, the Experience Database enables the creation of complete customer profiles, which will help you better understand your customers and your relationship with them.

From here on we move to the third layer of the platform – the intelligence. Sitecore Customer Analytics is probably the most important factor in delivering the perfect customer experience. It tracks all customer interactions with the content, across all channels at any time, and of all of that automatically. By analyzing this wealth of data, Customer Analytics provides high-quality insights on customers’ interests and intentions. This in turn enables making better decision, which ultimately leads to delivering more impactful marketing efforts. The final goal is creating an intimate relationship with each customer, whether you have few hundred or millions of them.

Using the intelligence provided from the previous phase, the Sitecore Web Experience Manager easily manages all your content, products and assets in one place, enabling you to deliver a connected customer experience. The Web Experience Manager presents all your custom content correctly on every channel and device the customer might use, from mobile devices to the largest desktop display. Furthermore, it allows creation of content in your native language and easily integrates with language translation services, enabling you to offer a multilingual service. With the Web Manager, you can deliver highly tailored product offerings to individual customers, according to their interests and the lifecycle phase they are in. By ensuring that every asset tells the right story, it builds brand equity and customer confidence – which in the end is the key reason for customer acquisition.

The last piece of the puzzle is the omnichannel automation. The Sitecore Experience Platform integrates all channels in a single system to shape and deliver unique experience to every customer. These are the channels that Sitecore’s Platform assimilates into a single system:

  • Web – As we said earlier, your website is at the center of a completely connected customer experience, which always delivers personalized web experiences in order to create long-lasting customer relationships.
  • E-mail – Delivering the right e-mail offers exactly when the qualified leads want them is going to significantly increase your company’s sales.
  • Mobile Web – Part of the deal is delivering content that is optimized for every mobile device that your potential prospects are using.
  • Social Marketing – Social Media is inevitable in today’s digital marketing environment. That’s why Sitecore provides a complete professional social media marketing suite.
  • Commerce and Retail – Delivering a satisfying shopping experience will ensure that your brand provides greater lifetime value to all your customers.
  • Apps – You can easily develop and deploy mobile apps using the Sitecore Mobile DSK.
  • Network of Federated Sites – The best part is that you can deliver all of these services to websites that are not powered by Sitecore.

Today, customers expect you to recognize them whenever they engage with your company, no matter what channel or device they use. They also expect you to remember previous interactions and continue the conversation from one channel to the next one. That’s why, more than ever, you need one connected platform to deliver one unified experience across all channels. Now is the time to introduce Context Marketing into your digital strategy – to deliver a smooth, unique experience to each and every customer. Tell your story (in the proper context), start with Sitecore now!

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