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Enterprise PIM is a fundament in digital transformation

Digital Transformation takes place whether you want it or not. Enterprises that actively embrace the change stand far better prospects of success than those that wait.

The future will tell that enterprises that actively embrace the change stand far better prospects of success than those that wait or believe that it is something that is not affecting their business. The fact is that the effects of this development are already deeply engrained in the behaviour of consumers as well as business-to-business decision makers.

The digital transformation of sales and marketing has, in our view, the most serious impact on an organisation's performance. It is a well know fact, from a multitude of research reports, that B2B decision makers complete some 60% of their buying process without meeting any vendor at all.


What has changed?

Traditionally a buyer informed himself through seeing a rather large number of vendors to scan available solutions to an existing problem. This was done in a series of meetings and presentations where the skills of the sales representative often had a great influence  on the outcome. An average solution could win over the best due to interpersonal skills. To point it out, those skills are still needed, but maybe at a different stage in the sales process.
1.The buyer's process has not changed, just where it largely takes place - online
2.The buyer's first 60% of finding a suitable solution will take place without individual influence
3.The awareness  of an existing problem is made more visible through online media - search
4.The awareness of competing solutions has increased drastically

This means that product information that earlier was conveyed face to face, with all its opportunities of interactivity between individuals, now is largely confined to the results of digital searches.


New and more channels

The initial stages of the manual sales process, i.e. canvasing, cold calling, initial meetings and presentations, are being replaced what digital interactions. Potential customers with different grades of awareness of problem and solutions, search for information that concerns their everyday go-about. This means that a company that want customers need to offer digital interaction points. That can be done of their own web pages, but also in Social Media and other sites on the Internet. Along with this development comes no abandonment of the traditional channels that still influences many buyers. Sales meetings to shape and close the business relationships will still be essential to give the relationship substance and quality.

The fastest growing segment of Internet usage is mobile. There we have another channel that requires special treatment to deliver what the customers expect. In all, we will have new and more channels to manage and the new channels need to deliver a customer experience that is richer and better than the competition’s.


Enterprise PIM makes the difference

We believe that there is no way around an implementation of an enterprise PIM system if you need to embark on this journey, the digital transformation of sales and marketing. Most likely you do!

The PIM system will help you manage all channels and the different layers of languages, regionalisation, customisations etc. that your customers may demand. Without it, it will be impossible to deliver a user experience in your digital channels that is good enough for you to win the deals, at a cost that is low enough for you to be profitable.

Enterprise PIM is pure business, don't make the mistake to avoid it!


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