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Alite International becomes new partner to Talent Without Borders

“A good way to promote integration and at the same time support the IT industry in the Öresund region”

As part of the promotion of integration, and at the same time support the IT industry in the Öresund region, Alite International, becomes partner to the world unique project Talent Without Borders, and will thus support the successful association by providing coaching and mentoring. Responsible for the project at Alite is Natasa Pavicevic, who herself came to Sweden and Skåne from Bosnia during the Balkan war in the 1990’s. 

There is a shortage of skilled workers in many parts of Sweden. At the same time there are plenty of skills among newcomers who do not have jobs. Talent Without Borders is a non-profit organization, founded in Malmö, Sweden aiming to correct what is seen as a waste of resources, and help newcomers to find qualified jobs. 

“Last year's large refugee stream also contained many ambitious, talented and skilled people. But many of them have trouble finding their way into this new society, which has now become their home,” Natasa Pavicevic, Senior Business Developer at Alite International, who herself has roots in Bosnia, and will be Alite International's main representative at Talent Without Borders. “This while my industry, the Swedish IT industry, is desperately seeking for talented new developers. Therefore, we - employers, academics and specialists – has come together to help these people to make it easier for both parties to meet.” 

The hub in the project is the training academy Hackademy, an eight-week long boot camp, where participants are working in live projects, aiming to get them in contact with potential employers. 

“With Hackademy we have developed a successful, efficient and unique concept – that I have not seen anywhere else in the world – which has also proven to be very successful. These are real projects, based on environmental issues, where you learn to work with current agile development methods. The result of their work is then available to users by the end of boot camp”, explains Natasa Pavicevic.

Talent Without Borders also focuses on soft skills, where talents are supposed to work on their self-development. Here is also an emphasis on values, visions, goals, presentation skills and interview techniques, and more. And the project has been successful. Spring holiday program ended with providing six out of the eight participants with jobs, giving the other two an internship. Fall vacation ended last week, looking very bright for the participants. 

“Since we are able to help, I see it as self-evident to assist by sharing expertise and contacts,” Fredrik Alstierna, CEO and founder of Alite International. “We very much like to be involved and help to promote development and improve the climate for technology companies. This is a good way to promote integration and at the same time support the IT industry in the Öresund region”.


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