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Alite International is growing and invests heavily in new markets in Europe

"We expect a turnover of 150 M SEK in 2017", says Fredrik Alstierna

Digital innovation consultant Alite International, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, continues to expand, in Sweden, as well as abroad. The company expects to become more than 100 employees in 2017, also starting up an office in London. "We expect a turnover of 150 M SEK in 2017", says Fredrik Alstierna, CEO and founder of Alite International. Digital innovation consultant Alite International was founded in Malmö in 2014 by Fredrik Alstierna. Since then the company has expanded rapidly, by helping global companies to create digital revenues

In 2017, the company's CEO and founder Fredrik Alstierna expects a turnover of 150 M SEK and will therefore need to hire new employees. “We expect to be more than 100 people in 2017, and we are now looking for employees primarily within inRiver PIM – platform for product information – and digital business development. But we are also looking for Project Managers and System Architects”, says Fredrik Alstierna.

Alite International, like many other companies in the consulting industry, faces a challenge in recruiting new staff membrs. Therefore, it is important to work with visibility, not least in order to attract competent professionals with various backgrounds.

Among other things, Alite support the initiative Talent Without Borders, a Swedish organization, based in Malmö, Sweden, dedicated to match employers with different IT specialists. “I think many entrepreneurs, not only in the Malmö area, recognize the dilemma; rapid expansion of the business with a constant challenge to find the right skilled people. Therefore, organizations like Talent Without Borders are important”, says Fredrik Alstierna.

Alite International's clients include companies in the insurance, publishing, telecom and traditional industry. The company's customers are located throughout Europe, being leaders in their field and conducting global operations. As a result of that, Alite International has now also opened an office in London. “Demand for our services is growing steadily, because our ambition is to take a firm grip on the European market, starting in Scandinavia and the UK”, says Fredrik Alstierna.



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