“Alite International is commercially focused and acts more as a business partner committed to delivering value to us customers. The more the Alite team got to know us, the more they saw new opportunities, new and improved processes and how we could make the tools interact in the best possible way.” - Nederman

With digital change, Alite International will create rapid business growth. We use the full range of IT services available, to run and improve digital systems above and beyond your current standards.

Commitment is absolutely fundamental in business. The Alite International team will show commitment in all processes all the way. That is why partnering with Alite International will make you a winner.



The technology for change is out there. But we believe the team at Alite International makes all the difference.

Alite International consists of specialists in innovation, design and technology. We believe that there are a number of keys to our mutual success. One is our pool of specialists constantly developing on an individual level, making sure all team members are in the forefront of the ongoing digital transformation. That way Alite International is well-equipped to adapt technology to customer needs.

We make change happen, and deliver digital growth. Working at Alite International means no day is ever the same. Each day the team works on new challenges to better client’s businesses and operations. The team works together with our clients - we evolve their business with them and not just for them. Tight client-team collaboration brings an upgraded commitment to always be at our best, strive towards success and go for excellence. Together we create winners in the new world.

Nick Agarwal has more than 20 years of experience working in consulting. He started his career as a management consultant at Deloitte and Touche, LLP focused on merger and acquisitions in the utilities industry and implementation of ERP systems at fortune 500 organizations. He has extensive experience in delivering large-scale technology-led programs in the areas of digital transformation, multi-channel commerce, web platform and mobile solutions, for clients in the Retail, Automotive, Public Sector, Telecommunication, Travel, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Professional Services industries.
“Alite International truly understands what digital transformation is all about – it is not digitizing existing processes, rather it means creating new business value by enabling different types of innovation and creativity, using digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things. In addition, Alite International has scalable and highly skilled delivery capabilities in their Belgrade and Skopje offices, allowing for the rapid delivery of innovative and business critical solutions to our clients.”

“Many companies have been focused on digital customer experience. However, to create new value, many of the companies will also need to transform and digitize their business operations. Alite International has experience in helping clients transform not only their customer experience but also their business operations. With companies starting to understand the importance of digital operational excellence, to generate new value, Alite-International is well placed to work with leading companies to evolve their business models, using digital technologies.”


Digital decision making is not new, but as the processes are becoming digitalized, you will find more and more information useful to direct your company to success.

A long-term partnership with Alite International ensures financing your transformation projects without weighing down your balance sheet. All the while, helping your company realize significantly improved business results.

The team will analyze your business’ current status. From there, we kick off the transformation. Starting with knowledge management and product information management we maximize innovation and business value by using the best technologies at hand. The Alite International team will work its magic, but there really is no magic behind it, only hard work. Together we will change your business for the better.


Business and technology advances are disrupting industries at an unprecedented pace. Innovation happening in your industry right now, will force your business to change. Companies need to increase their speed just to keep up; and develop new gears to pull ahead. We present our clients with a new way forward and assist in developing means to move ahead.


Alite International distinguishes from other companies by the people we work with, how we work together, and the speed in which we deliver. Realizing an idea requires a deeply sophisticated concept. The Alite International team will be with you every step of the way. The ability to bring ideas to life is a special expertise. We have the people to do it.


The time between having an idea and realizing that idea, has never before been more important to the success - or failure - of a company. It is all about making successful transformations happen. For any company the ability to quickly and continuously convert new concepts into actual assets will be one of the most important value creators.



We strive to deliver not just what has been asked for but rather what is needed. We do so by using the total range of software, hardware and services available.

The Alite International team starts off by assessing and verifying your current position. We will look at your current processes from an outside view; then we prioritize any delivery by its business value. We use a customer-centric model, that way we are able to deliver solutions that give clients expected return on investment on time, and on budget. We challenge ourselves and our customers - daily - to tread new paths in the new digital world.

The present-day explosion in connectivity has changed many industries, if not all. To make it, businesses must go beyond existing concepts and methods. They need to reinvent themselves. Alite International will help you make the best of the opportunities ahead, by making better use of your resources. In an increasingly digital world, businesses get the best results by engaging with customers, thereby delivering seamless and personalized experiences in every digital channel. We live it and we deliver it.

Internet Of Things

The interconnectivity of items we use on a daily basis - at home or at work – has opened up a whole new realm in the digital world. And not just items, it is hardware, software, data and services. As the Internet of Things, IoT, continue to expand into more industries, correspondingly opportunities expand. Today IoT is found in a wide range of devices such as cars, medical implants, and different analysis devices. Because IoT allows objects to be controlled remotely within current network infrastructure, it successfully creates opportunities for businesses with the correct knowledge.

Alite International has improved efficiency, reduced administration costs and increased economic value for its clients for years.



To be able to deliver the best possible solution, communication is key.

In the process of change going on right here and now, where communication and technology interact more and more, we deliver business value to companies that want to seize the opportunities of digitization. We understand how communication in the new time work - regardless of segment, target audience and channels.

For Alite the most effective communication comes from the perfect mix of design, UX, content and technology. We offer strategic planning and insight for all digital activities, from developing creative campaign concepts to on-time delivery, as part of our daily work. In the process of change going on right here and now, where communication and technology interact more and more, we deliver business value to companies that want to seize the opportunities of digitisation. We understand how communication in the new time works - regardless of segment, target audience and channels.

Research and analysis

Evaluation and analytical skills designed to provide critical insights into personas, target groups, segments and customer journeys. We create the solid ground for developing winning communication strategies that deliver results.

Strategy and platform development

Creating business value through communication takes a strategy that reflects all the key parameters, and a brand platform to keep on track, making sure that resources are always used optimally.

Creative execution

Based on creative concepts, communication tools and activities make use of verbal and visual messaging to come across with power and consistency.

Internal implementation

Every commercial process benefits from involving the whole organisation, to make sure that everyone shares the vision and contributes in their way. By using smart information flows, internal concepts, learning tools and processes, all employees are included in reaching the business goals.

External implementation

A successful roll-out of communication activities, whether it is launches or campaigns, on-going online activities, sales tools or employer branding actions, is about reaching the target audience at the right time, in the right place, at a value-based cost.