Traditional publishing business app-tastic

A shrinking demand for printed recipe card collections and the growth of social media made International Masters Publishers, IMP, seek for a digital solution.

The mission was to meet IMP’s vision to digitally evolve the recipe card collection, and follow the target audience into a digital way of finding, collecting and sharing recipes. The vision: Creating the #1 digital recipe collection in the world. At one fell swoop start something new, take on new experiences and skills, while decreasing the traditional business.

“We had this huge recipe archive and had infinite understanding of the recipe and food area. We understood that it was not an easy task to initiate something that technical, new and appealing. But we knew Alite International had the ability to create digital revenues on existing business processes, and would realize our goal.”  - Martin Tönnesson, CEO, IMP Digital 

“It was a rapid and highly efficient process. The discussions began in April 2015 and only a few months later the solution and first release went live in US, the world´s largest advertising market with fierce competition. Now we have more than 100,000 app users in the USA” - Martin Tönnesson

“I was extremely impressed with the Alite international team’s strategic and technical expertise, as the old business solution was transformed in to a new one. Alite International as a company also represents a dynamic I appreciate. Fast, flexible and open to new solutions - all qualities beneficial to the customer. Hard work, solutions and customer benefits are all that matter for Alite International. I am stunned with the speed to market.” - Martin Tönnesson 

IMP creates and markets products in recipes and cookery, home and hobbies, entertainment and education. Since 1972, they have published high quality collections for home and family, in more than 30 markets worldwide.