Digital approach brings Swedish flooring to the world

As Kährs Group was entering a new digital phase the company needed improved web sites, PIM and related systems.

Demands were high as Kährs Group were to accelerate their digital presence. Outstanding quality, design, innovation and environmental sustainability are key incentives for Swedish innovative flooring solutions company. Kährs Group is the market leader in several European countries, and is expanding its business in several other markets.

Kährs Group needed a solution with simplified administration that also took into account their diverse customers. Additionally, the challenge to stay within time and cost constraints. The situation called for creativity and innovation. Partnering up with Alite International a fast, sophisticated, easy-to-use solution was created as a basis for new revenues. Kährs now have a solid foundation to build on, and continue increasing business and revenues.

“To realize our goals we needed the best resources and the best staff to run the project. We needed a solid team to see the project through and really care about the customer. Alite International was the right partner to drive our change process.”  - Ulrik Petersson, Kährs 

“The new solution has undoubtedly increased business value for us and our customers. First and foremost, we now have improved digital visibility. We are also able to offer better support to the professional buyers of our products. Furthermore our editors now have a much easier task carrying out administration.” - Ulrik Petersson, Kährs

“Kährs Group represents a traditional industry moving forward in the digital world - with change. The Kährs Group process clearly shows that change can solve any number of issues, be carried out speedily, and revolutionize business.”  - Fredrik Alstierna, CEO on Alite International.

“There were several challenges in the project. First of all, the existing solution was a large and complex environment, time consuming to maintain internally. Externally there was difficulty addressing both consumers and professionals - both from diverse markets. Brand strategies as well as the sales- and distribution process were also affected. Their preferences were totally different.” - Ulrik Petersson, Kährs

The solution contains a CMS for all websites (EpiServer), a PIM system for all product related information (inRiver) and a DAM for handling digital asset management (Digizuite DAM).