PIM for Validoo

PIM (Product Information Management) for Validoo

Product information collected at the same place with GS1 support

Alite PIM for Validoo™ enables you to take ownership of your product data and always ensures that the latest information is available everywhere. Enter the information once into the system and use it in all your channels, such as web, catalogues, white papers etc.

In control of your product information

With Alite’s PIM for Validoo™, we have taken the best from inRiver PIM and added a module that manages the GS1 standard. Something that has always been a challenge for companies in the food industry.

The module allows you to:

  • Create your own item information according to Validoo (GS1) standard
  • Send article information directly to your customers via Validoo or DABAS
  • Use the same information directly in other channels such as web, print, etc.
  • Keep full track of your processes and campaigns and never lose track


Alite PIM for Validoo™ handles everything from selling texts, allergens and nutritional values, images, videos and other product-related information. In addition, you yourself are able to create item information and food appendix’s. It also provides the opportunity to be prepared, create catalogues and update web pages automatically.

"We have put a lot of effort into those parts that are costly and time consuming for companies in the food industry"  Alite International



Provide the right information

Why should you have to report loads of information about the pallets and packages for each item every time, when you can do just that with only one click? Item information in great amounts is often time-consuming and laboriously to manually enter into the system. We have created shortcuts and simplifications that fastens the flow and reduces the administration process. All the information is taken straight from GS1 and is always updated with the latest changes.


About inRiver PIM

inRiver PIM is the market leading platform that handles product information. With inRiver PIM you receive:

  • Centralized product data
  • The possibility to publish your own products to several channels immediately
  • The latest product information every time, no matter where you are
  • Manageable and controlled developing processes in a verified environment

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